In his prior life, Ray enjoyed the excitement and challenges of advertising but left the agency business to design and develop new products for a manufacturing client.  One day at work, this character began pestering him.  Every day he would show up, demanding attention.  Ray told a writer friend about his character, and she loved him.  Thus encouraged, (it didn't take much) he gave in and started his first novel.  The result is Blood on the Orchid.  The orchid influence came from an old agency client who was an avid orchid grower.        

        These days for excitement Ray takes to the air with a friend in his open cockpit biplane to do loops, spins, rolls and hammerheads.  Simple aerobatics.  For relaxation, he flies the coast in his Mooney, taking family, friends and/or his golf clubs.

         Ray is finishing his second Wolfgang novel, National Poison.  He resides in beautiful Savannah, Ga., with his herbalist wife Barbara.

         Welcome to the home of B.A. "Wolfgang" Fenstemier, courtroom sketch artist turned PI.  I hope you enjoy his adventures as much as I have.