The following comments/reviews are from Amazon.  I think I've copied them word for word:



If you like mysteries in the style of Robert Parker, Rex Stout and other classic writers, you'll LOVE this story! It has good guys, bad guys, martial arts, guns, planes, fast cars and great chase scenes! I'm looking forward to the next installment. ...DenverImage2012


BLOOD ON THE ORCHID is one of those delicious books that one can sit down and read for pure pleasure -- in the characterization, the plot and the empathy one develops along the way. In it, the author has created a unique new hero for mystery lovers, Wolfgang Fenstemier, whose cool in any situation conjures up a Southern James Bond -- he's suave and knowledgeable, yet never takes himself too seriously, no matter what the situation (and the situations are often challenging, to say the least! The oft-amusing Wolfgang and the search for a valuable-- stolen -- orchid, plus bad guys who want far more than an important flower, makes for a very good read indeed! And Hollywood types, take note: this story would make an excellent movie as well. ...Rosemary Daniell, ZonaRosa


I really enjoyed this book. Lots of twists and turns. Hard to put down. Waiting for the next Wolfgang Mystry!![sic]...analoria