If you've happened by my blog, rayharrison.wordpress, you probably know that the next Wolfgang adventure is just around the corner.  I  have completed the first draft, and I'm about halfway through the initial edit.

     Although I'm now taking chapters to my writing group for critiquing and editing, I have no plans to wait to publish the book.

     I had thought of trying to go the conventional route-find an agent, hope for a publisher, and wait another year to see if it actually hit the shelves.

I've read several articles from established writers who are leaving that side and changing to indie publishing everything.  I guess it gives them more control, which sounds pretty good.

Blood on the Orchid is doing pretty well, especially on Free download days!;-)  I'm hoping it will pick up on regular days.  The more I learn, the better it seems to do.




This little introduction seems to be turning into a treatise, and I don't want that to happen.

So, let me cut to the chase.  I've designed the cover for my second Wolfgang novel, presently titled National Poison.  I've thought about calling it Probable Cause, but Rosemary, my coach/editor likes National Poison.  Maybe I'll do a combination.  That could work. 

Regardless, I'm going to turn my design over to my super creative godson to complete, along with his interpretation.  Then I'll post it over here, of course.  Meanwhile, I'm posting a synopsis here, just for flavor.

Thanks very much for reading.


Raymond Harris



National Poison



Tracking down a geriatric Hitler Youth assassin is going to be difficult in its self. Tack on keeping one step ahead of the Secret Service or FBI, and Wolfgang and Trammell have their work cut out—especially if they want to save the president, and not become another statistic in his ever growing wake of dead friends and acquaintances.